Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your children is crucial, especially in spaces like their bedrooms, where they spend a significant amount of time. When it comes to decorating their rooms, choosing eco-friendly paint options is a responsible choice.

Choosing the right paint for your home is crucial, especially if you share your space with furry companions. Pets can inadvertently come into contact with walls and furniture, making it essential to opt for paints that are safe and non-toxic for them.

Choosing the right paint for homes with children is crucial for creating a safe and durable environment. With kids around, spills, stains, and wear are inevitable, which makes the selection of paint types and colours especially important. With this blog, we aim to make this an easy job for you.

Painting the exterior walls of your home or building requires precision, skill, and the right techniques. Whether you are refreshing the look of your property or protecting it from the elements, work with experienced professionals to discuss the right strategy and methods before commencing the work.

Panelling and painting have long been celebrated for their ability to transform spaces – windows included. In 2024, various design styles have emerged owing to the beauty and versatility of this dynamic duo.

Creating a vibrant and safe environment for your children involves careful consideration, especially when it comes to choosing the right paints for your home. Therefore, opting for kid-friendly paints is not just a choice but a necessity for parents and homeowners in London.

Decorating provides an instant clean new look for a property, whether you’re painting your first home or revamping an older property, nothing puts a stamp on a place faster than a fresh lick of paint. And then it’s the fun bit… styling the newly decorated room with accessories and personal touches, so get your paint brushes out!

Transforming your home with a fresh coat of paint is an exciting endeavour, but protecting your belongings during the process is crucial. In London, where the bustling city life meets the charm of historic architecture, taking extra precautions becomes even more essential.

Welcome to Brush Strokes Decorating, where we specialise in high-quality wall painting services. Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming your property with vibrancy and sophistication while ensuring your exterior walls are well-maintained and protected from weather-related damage.

As we enter the latter half of the year, many of us yearn for a fresh, revitalised living space. What better way to achieve this than by exploring the latest colour trends for 2023?

Reviving your living spaces with renovation ideas is an art, and at Brush Strokes Decorating, we’re here to guide you through the process.

The bedroom is a key part of your home, and it is always worth thinking carefully about its décor. While the colour scheme and design are vital to a good night’s sleep, it is also often a personal space and gives you the chance to show your own style and flare.

We all have those jobs that we’ve been putting off for a while. If you have been out and about in your garden enjoying the warmer weather, you may have thought about painting the outside of your house. This task can seem like a tall order, but there’s no better way to boost kerb appeal if your existing paintwork is starting to look a little tired.

The colours you select for your home set the tone for your space. They reflect your personal style and create an atmosphere that complements your personality. In this blog post, we explore the colours best suited for every kind of kitchen, with an eye on practical considerations, the latest trends and decorating tips and tricks for those area prone to grease or splashing.

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your living room can be an exciting but daunting task. Whether you’re redecorating or starting a new project, the right colour palette can transform a space and make it feel like a warm and inviting home. In this blog, our decorating experts share industry tips and clever tricks to help you select the best colour and bring your vision to life.

Paints that are low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or do not contain them at all are a safer and more environmentally friendly choice for your home. Volatile organic compounds are substances in paint that convert into gas and are released when the paint.

As a versatile and attractive decorative feature for any property, wall panelling is an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners.

Teal has become an increasingly popular paint colour, with many homeowners choosing it for the rooms in their property. A beautiful blend of blue and green, teal is often described as similar to cyan and turquoise.

It is never nice to feel as though the décor in your kitchen has become worn or outdated. You are bound to start looking for ways to give your cooking space a new lease of life.

The rise in people successfully managing to work from home during the lockdown months will undoubtedly see more employers offering some increased flexibility with home working going forward. 

Choosing the correct paint colour for a room is no mean feat. Not only, do you need to find a colour that you like and suits your scheme and other interiors, it is also important to choose a colour that is a reflection of your personality…

The concoction of extra time on your hands and the annual ‘spring clean’ tradition may have seen you toying with the idea of starting a new home project.  If you have been spending a lot of time in your living room lately you probably want to make this room your first priority. 

There is nothing like a national lockdown and a bit of sun to get us all thinking about tackling some jobs that we may have been putting off for a while!  If you have been out and about in your garden enjoying the spring weather…

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