Safe And Eco-Friendly Paint Options For Kids Bedrooms

Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your children is crucial, especially in spaces like their bedrooms, where they spend a significant amount of time. When it comes to decorating their rooms, choosing eco-friendly paint options is a responsible choice. It not only promotes a healthier indoor air quality but also contributes to a sustainable future.

Let us explore some of the top choices available for creating a safe and stylish haven for your little ones in this blog. Our expert painters and decorators can also help you with expert suggestions and quality painting services. Feel free to call us on 020 8468 1512 or email today to make enquiries.

“Planning to paint your kids’ bedrooms? Trust Brush Strokes Decorating to use safe and low VOC paints to ensure a healthier indoor air quality and safe environment.”

5 Safe And Eco-Friendly Paint Options For Kids’ Bedrooms

1. Low Or Zero VOC Paint

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional paints, emitting toxins into the air even after drying. Opting for low-VOC or zero-VOC paint significantly reduces these emissions, thus promoting better indoor air quality and safeguarding your child’s health.

With a wide range of low-VOC paint options available in London, you can choose from various colours and finishes without compromising on safety or aesthetics. We’ll discuss some of the best options later in this article. You can also directly reach out to us to get expert suggestions.

2. Natural Colour Coats

Derived from plant-based pigments, minerals, and other eco-friendly sources, natural colour coats offer vibrant shades while ensuring no harmful chemicals are released into the air. These paints are ideal for children’s bedrooms. They provide a safe and healthy environment for play and rest.

Plus, they come in a diverse range of shades, allowing you to create a personalised and eco-conscious space for your child to enjoy.

3. Earth-Safe Finishes

Earth-safe finishes, such as clay-based paints, lime washes, and milk paints, provide a natural and breathable surface for walls. These finishes are free from synthetic additives and contribute to a healthier indoor environment for your little ones.

Not only do earth-safe finishes offer a unique texture and aesthetic appeal to your child’s bedroom, but they also minimise environmental impact. This makes them a sustainable choice for eco-conscious parents in London.

4. Water-Based Paints

Water-based paints are low in VOCs and offer easy cleanup with water, making them a convenient and environmentally friendly choice for kids’ bedrooms. These paints come in a variety of colours and finishes and allow you to create the perfect look for your child’s space without compromising on safety or durability.

Additionally, water-based paints dry quickly, which minimises disruption during the painting process and ensures a swift transformation of your child’s bedroom into a safe and stylish haven.

5. Recycled Paint

Opting for recycled paint is an eco-conscious choice that promotes sustainability while also ensuring the safety of your beloved kids. Recycled paint is made from unused portions of previously discarded paints, which are collected, processed, and repurposed to create new paint products.

By choosing recycled paint, you help reduce waste and minimise the need for raw materials and energy-intensive manufacturing processes.

In London, there are various recycled paint options available in a range of beautiful shades. So, worry not – you can still create a vibrant space for your child to grow and thrive in with these paint options.

5 Kid-Safe Paint Brands And Colour Options

1. Little Greene

Little Greene offers a wide range of eco-friendly paints, including their Intelligent Paint range, which is low in VOCs and available in a variety of beautiful colours – perfect for children’s bedrooms.

2. Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball’s eco-friendly paint options, such as their Modern Emulsion and Estate Emulsion ranges, are low in VOCs and come in a palette of timeless shades that are perfect for creating a calming and stylish space for your child.

3. Earthborn

Earthborn’s Claypaint range is made from natural ingredients and is free from VOCs and harmful chemicals. Their paint colours are inspired by nature, which will help create a serene and tranquil atmosphere for your child’s bedroom.

4. Biofa

Biofa’s range of natural paints and finishes are made from renewable raw materials and are biodegradable. This quality makes them a sustainable choice for eco-conscious parents.

Their paint colours are vibrant and long-lasting, perfect for adding a splash of personality to your child’s room.

5. Lakeland Paints

Lakeland Paints offers a selection of low-VOC paints that are safe for children’s bedrooms. Their paint colours are bright and cheerful and allow you to create a playful and inviting space for your little one to enjoy.

Work With Our Team For Safe, Kid-Friendly Painting

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Our team has extensive, hands-on experience with designer and VOC-free paints, allowing us to produce exceptional results using these specialist options. Reach out to us today and let us know what your vision is like. Call 020 8468 1512, and one of us will be at your service right away.


Choosing safe and eco-friendly paint options for your child’s bedroom enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space and promotes a healthier indoor environment. We hope that the 5 different paint types and the 5 top brands we have mentioned in this blog will help you make an informed decision.

We can be your trusted partner on this journey. Brush Strokes Decorating ensures that your vision for a safe and beautiful space becomes a reality. Contact us today to get started.

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