Paints that are low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or do not contain them at all are a safer and more environmentally friendly choice for your home. Volatile organic compounds are substances in paint that convert into gas and are released when the paint. These are often found in solvents and can include chemicals such as acetone, kerosene, and formaldehyde. The release of these chemicals can have serious health effects, especially when they are applied inside. Even after the paint has dried and the ‘new paint smell’ has faded, they will continue to be released into your home.

Using VOC free paint ensures that these harmful compounds are not present while decorating and will help keep you and your family healthy and safe.

Safer and healthier

One of the greatest advantages of VOC free paints is the lack of harmful chemicals. When painting your home, you will want paint that is safe to be around and won’t release odours that can affect the health of you and your family. VOC free paints give you the peace of mind that your newly painted walls are safe. Knowing that these rooms are safe to occupy also allows you to move back into the repainted rooms quicker and carry on with the redecorating process. If you’re operating a commercial premises you’ll be able to welcome back customers sooner and create a healthy working environment for your employees. VOC free paint is the ideal way to maintain the health and wellbeing of everyone at your site.

Practical benefits

VOC free paints will also provide a number of useful benefits when it comes to decorating. They are highly durable and perform just as well, if not better, than their hazardous counterparts in terms of coverage. Your VOC free paints will provide everything you need for your decorating project, covering surfaces, hiding blemishes, and drying quickly with less of an odour. Additionally, as VOC free paints are not releasing chemicals, they experience lower shrinkage stresses and higher tensile adhesion. This means that your paint will stick to the surface more effectively and evenly. VOC free paints are the practical choice to ensure that you get even coverage and a vibrant new look for your property.

Protect the environment

By using VOC-free paints, you can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals being released into the environment. This has the immediate effect of ensuring that the air around and inside your property is clean and safe and will minimise your exposure to toxic substances. It will also reduce the level of air pollution overall, allowing you to redecorate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Additionally, VOC free paints are often made from more easily sourced and naturally occurring materials such as clay and chalk as opposed to the artificial chemicals found in VOC containing paints. Choosing VOC paints is a small but important step towards creating a more sustainable and healthier environment.

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