Best Types Of Paints For Homes With Children

Choosing the right paint for homes with children is crucial for creating a safe and durable environment. With kids around, spills, stains, and wear are inevitable, which makes the selection of paint types and colours especially important. With this blog, we aim to make this an easy job for you.

We will start with discussing the 8 best types of paints for homes with kids. Thereafter, we will share some tips to help you make the right (and informed) choice.

Our experienced painters and decorators are here if you need quick expert advice. We can also suggest kid-friendly colours and paints that will ensure the safety of your kids as well as great aesthetics for your walls. Finally, we work with some of the most popular brands in the UK, so rest assured that you will always get the best quality from us. Call 020 8468 1512 or email today to discuss your painting requirements.

8 Best Types Of Paints For Homes With Children

1. VOC-Free Paints

Choosing paints with low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is essential for indoor air quality, especially with children around. VOCs can emit harmful gases that contribute to respiratory issues.

Opt for reputable brands like Farrow & Ball or Little Greene, known for their eco-friendly formulations. These paints are safer for your family and the environment, offering peace of mind without compromising on quality or colour selection.

We have experience working with some of the major brands in VOC-free paints. Click here to learn more about it.

2. Washable Paints

Kids are prone to spills and marks, so opt for washable paints that can withstand regular cleaning. Dulux Easycare and Johnstone’s Kitchen & Bathroom ranges are designed to resist stains and can be wiped clean without affecting the paint’s finish.

This feature makes maintenance hassle-free, which is ideal for high-traffic areas like playrooms, hallways, and kitchens.

3. Scrubbable Emulsions

In areas prone to heavy wear, such as corridors and stairways, choose scrubbable emulsion paints. Crown Clean Extreme and Zinsser Perma-White provide excellent durability and can withstand frequent cleaning without losing their colour or texture.

These paints are a practical choice for busy households with children and pets. Call 020 8468 1512 to explore various options we have available for scrubbable emulsion paints.

4. Non-Toxic Chalkboard Paint

Transform a child’s bedroom or play area into an interactive space with non-toxic chalkboard paints. Brands like Rust-Oleum offer child-safe options that encourage creativity without posing health risks. You can create a dedicated drawing area or accent wall for endless artistic expression.

5. Anti-Microbial Paints

Combat bacteria and mould growth with anti-microbial paints. These are ideal for areas prone to moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens. Armstead Anti-Bacterial Matt contains active ingredients that inhibit microbial growth on painted surfaces, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for your family.

6. Stain-Resistant Paints

Benjamin Moore Aura and Valspar Ultra are known for their stain-resistant properties, which makes them suitable for areas where spills are common. These paints are easy to maintain and provide lasting protection against everyday wear and tear caused by children.

7. Quick-Drying Paints

We understand what it means to have active kids at home. That is why we suggest quick-drying paints that can ensure minimum disruption during your painting projects. You can opt for paints like Leyland Fast Drying Satinwood. These paints allow for faster recoating and reduce downtime.

8. Child-Safe Paint Brands

For the utmost peace of mind, consider using paints from brands specialising in child-safe formulations. Earthborn and Lakeland Paints offer odour-free and non-toxic options suitable for nurseries, bedrooms, and play areas.

These paints are gentle on sensitive noses and provide a safe environment for growing families.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Paint For A Home With Kids

1. Low VOC Content Is A Must!

Prioritise paints with low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to maintain good indoor air quality. Look for paints labelled as “low-VOC” or “zero-VOC” to minimise exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and create a healthier environment for your family.

2. Check For Durable Finishes

Select paints with durable finishes like satin or eggshell for better resistance against scuffs and stains. These finishes are more robust and easier to maintain compared to flat paints. Durable paints are ideal for areas with high foot traffic or where children frequently play.

3. Go For Smart Colour Selection

When choosing paint colours, opt for lighter or mid-tone shades to camouflage minor imperfections and reduce the visibility of stains. Avoid very dark or bold colours, as they may highlight marks and require more frequent touch-ups.

Neutral tones like soft greys, pastels, and warm neutrals are versatile choices that can complement various decor styles.

4. Check Safety Certifications

Ensure that the chosen paint meets safety standards and certifications, especially if it will be used in areas frequented by children. Look for paints certified as child-safe and non-toxic, such as those endorsed by reputable organisations like the British Coatings Federation (BCF) or European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

These certifications guarantee that the paint is suitable for use in kid-friendly spaces without posing health risks.


Homes that are bustling with activity from kids need to have a child-friendly environment. By prioritising VOC-free, washable, and durable paints, you can create a vibrant and safe space for your family in London. Remember our 5 quick tips when choosing paints to maintain a beautiful and child-safe home.

Our knowledgeable experts at Brush Strokes Decorating are here for you. We will do a free survey of your home before providing you with the right suggestions for your walls. From designer to VOC-free paints, there are a plethora of choices available to you based on your unique requirements. Contact us today to get started.

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