Everything you need to know about panelling your home

As a versatile and attractive decorative feature for any property, wall panelling is an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners. With a range of design options available and no need to free up any extra space to accommodate it, you will be able to find a wall panelling solution that perfectly suits your décor. Wall panelling can benefit your home in several ways, from adding insulation to covering up a dented wall. Find out why wall panelling is such a good choice for your property:

  • Stylish

    Wall decorating panelling can be designed to complement your home beautifully. It is historically associated with the upper class, and nowadays it is a great way to level up your home without having to spend a huge amount of money. You can take the interior design of your property into account and find a wall panelling solution that fits perfectly. No matter the style that you settle on, whether it is bed board panelling or Georgian wall panelling, it is bound to improve the appearance of your home.

  • Easy to maintain

    Wall panelling is easy to install and maintain. Most materials used for wall panelling can be maintained with a cloth and some gentle cleanser. In fact, wall panelling can protect your walls from damage. It can prevent your walls being dented, and you can opt for impact-resistant panelling for even more protection. Wall panelling is more than just a highly attractive decorative feature.

  • Hides unattractive features

    If your home has an unsightly stain or dent on the wall, installing wall panelling is an ideal way to conceal it. Minor aesthetic issues within your home can be forgotten about once you have beautiful wall panelling fitted. Another effective purpose of wall panelling is to hide tangled wires, ensuring that your interior space looks tidy and organised. With high-quality wall panelling, you can enjoy having aesthetically pleasing walls at your property.

  • Your design

    You can decide on the design that you want for your wall panelling. There are several types of wall panelling that you can choose from to ensure your home is right for you. From board and batten vertical panelling to shiplap horizontal panelling, you have plenty of choice. Your wall panelling can cover the entirety of your wall or just certain parts, based on your preferences. There are plenty of different materials that can be used for your wall panelling, such as fibreboard and melamine. No matter what colour and design you are looking for, you will be able to make it a reality for your wall panelling.

Trust the experts

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