Paint colours and how they affect your mood

Choosing the correct paint colour for a room is no mean feat. Not only, do you need to find a colour that you like and suits your scheme and other interiors, it is also important to choose a colour that is a reflection of your personality and helps create the mood and atmosphere that you wish to achieve. We find out more about room colours and how they can influence your mood.

Sleep inducing colours

Let’s face it, a good night’s sleep can solve a thousand problems, so getting the feng shui right in this room is a top priority. The paint colour you choose here can really help support your objective in creating a calm, relaxing and serene environment conducive to falling into a deep and dreamy slumber. Soft blues, lilacs and creams are said to calm and soothe the mind so, if it’s tranquillity you seek, look no further. When combined with some warm lighting, luxury bed linen, a clutter free room, and a device ban, you will soon feel yourself switch off and feel the stresses of the day ooze away.

Stay calm and beat anxiety

In recent years, we have seen shades of grey growing in popularity. Using different tones of grey can create a chic look and works particularly well when you add pops of brighter colour – green, pink, or orange accessories work a treat in all rooms of the house and adds a warming touch. However, if you want to keep the atmosphere calm and relaxing to create an anxiety busting environment throughout, then white with grey tones will work really well.
Organic green hues are a great choice for creating a natural, earthy tones. Earthy greens combined with off white tones enhance a sense of balance and can be great for softening a busy pattern tile too making it a popular choice for bathrooms and living areas.

Warmer, brighter blues such as turquoise are great for encouraging relaxation in social areas such as living rooms or large kitchens. As we mentioned above, soft blue shades are known to have a calming effect when used as the main colour of a room, but dark blues can have the opposite effect. Dark blues have been known to evoke feelings of sadness, so refrain from using darker blues in your main colour scheme and instead use them to add pops of sophisticated colour to more neutral themed rooms.

Happy and energised

Darker greens are good if you want to feel empowered and energised – so if you have a home office, this would be a great fit. Orange evokes excitement, enthusiasm, and energy. While you probably wouldn’t want it to be the main colour of your living room or bedroom for fear of over stimulation, it would be a great fit for an exercise room or creative area.

Yellow is an obvious choice for capturing joy and communicating happiness. It is a popular choice for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms, where the space needs to be energizing and uplifting. It is also an excellent choice in halls and smaller spaces as yellow can feel expansive and welcoming. Keep it to small doses though rather than as your main colour scheme as it could prove a little too much and may end up creating feelings of frustration. The same can be said for crimson tones – too much can invoke feelings of irritability much like a red rag to a bull! A small amount, however, can really complement and warm up neutral colours like light grey.

The undecided

If you simply can’t decide and want a room that caters for all moods, then a timeless black and white look that we doubt will ever go out of fashion may be the solution you need. Silver famed mirrors and chrome accessories will really complement the design too. Mixing the purity, calm and innocence of white with the confidence, strength and boldness associated with black will relax and empower you all at once.

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