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To create a unique finish for your home, you may wish to opt for designer paints rather than standard trade options. Here at Brush Strokes, our team of experts have more than 50 years of combined experience working with these paints, so we understand the extra attention to detail and focus needed to produce exceptional results. When it comes to respected designer brands such as Farrow & Ball, the painting process is often more complex than typical painting and decorating services. The preparation involved, the need to use multiple coats, and the attention to detail required all contribute to making designer paints a specialist option. When working with these paints there is little to no room for error at any stage of the process, so it is essential to get it right.

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What designer paints do we work with?

We have extensive experience in and are comfortable working with all types of designer paints, including:

  • Farrow & Ball
    The leading designer paint in the UK, Farrow & Ball requires multiple coats and extensive drying time between the application of every coat, as well as close attention to detail to ensure the perfect finish. This is something we have become experts at over the years.
  • Fired Earth
    This environmentally friendly, water-based paint leaves a quality finish favoured by many. However, similar to Farrow & Ball, it is essential to get the application just right. Trust our capable team to achieve this in your home.
  • Mylands
    As the oldest paint manufacturer in the UK, Mylands have identified the best materials to produce the highest quality paints. We carry out all necessary preparation to ensure the perfect finish for our customers.
  • Sanderson
    This range of designer paints has been created to complement the interior of your home perfectly. Their luxury finish and good coverage means they are well-respected, and they also provide a more cost-effective alternative to others listed.
  • Little Greene
    Renowned for their ‘Stone’, ‘Grey’, and ‘Colour Scales’ paint collections, Little Greene offers both oil and water-based paints, with significant preparation required. We take the time to carefully apply primers and undercoats to give the right finish.

Although we have particular experience with the products listed, we are confident working with any designer paints of your choosing. Whether you wish to source them yourself, or leave it up to us, it is completely up to you.

Designer paints - Brush Strokes Decorating

How do designer paints differ from trade paints?

Whereas traditional trade paints are straightforward to work with and usually require a maximum of two coats, there is more attention to detail required with designer options. They are typically thinner, so require multiple coats to achieve an even finish. As well as this, there is no room for mistakes, as any blemishes or uneven coats will be a lot more noticeable, and you may need to start over. This is why our experts have spent years familiarising themselves with these luxury paints, so that they can get it right and give the walls of your home the wow factor you have been hoping for.

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Why choose us for designer paints?

When working with designer paints, it is essential to pay close attention to detail. Designer paints have a unique finish when applied correctly and a unique colour palette, so you can expect our team to be:

  • Flexible
    No matter which designer paint you have in mind for your home, we are capable of working with all the options. All you need to do is inform us of your preferences in brand or shade so we can take the necessary steps to deliver an exceptional final product. Whether you would prefer to choose yourself, or ask for our recommendation, it is entirely up to you.
  • Reliable
    You can rely on us to source whatever brand you prefer. We understand the attention to detail necessary when preparing to use these designer paints, as it is important to get the application just right to provide the best possible finish. This is why we will identify the best option for your property.
  • Professional
    You can expect us to follow all the necessary processes when applying designer paints, taking that extra care necessary that provides a noticeable difference to more commonly used brands. This includes meticulous preparation and carefully applying primers and undercoats.
  • Attentive
    When painting in your home, we take important steps to ensure that the area is clear of obstructions and we lay dust sheets, covering any furniture or floors. We also prepare the walls accordingly, a step which is essential when applying designer paints.

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